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Kottayam in south India is combinations of hills mountains lakes and lush green groves. This is a place of historical importance. This region has a high rate of literacy and is a beautiful destination noted for back water destinations, mountains and valleys, temples and churches, aqua tourism, rubber plantations replete with lakes and rural destinations. Kottayam is known as the land of lakes, letters, latex and lagoons. The rubber plantations in Kottayam district are world famous.

One can enjoy the boat cruises; If you did not go on cruising around in a boat you will miss so much of the charm in fact.

The famed Vembanad Lake is a luxury picnic spot and the trip to Kottayam is incomplete without it. This stretches miles across and harbors organisms peculiar. The shore is brisk with gathering shells.
One can also visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, home of some varieties of exotic birds.

The word Kottayam means Inside Fort. Kottayam is composed of low, middle and high land.
The boundaries of Kottayam are

  • North: Ernakulam
  • South: Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta
  • West: Vembanad Lake.
This place is best visited during the months of August and March.

Since the second Chera Empire Kottayam has been a pl ace of importance. Maharaja Marthandaverma had a great influence on the place as a ruler; he conquered the Vembolinadu that his predecessor established. Kottayam is situated 76Km from Cochin. It is around 2.45 hours travel from Cochin Air Port.

Food is good and the price reasonable especially so at the KTDC resort here.

Tourist Destinations of Kottayam Kerala


Vagamon is emerging as a destination of importance noted for its scenic beauty, heritage and historical buildings and religious shrines. This is a hill station amidst plantations of coffee rubber and cardamom. A journey through winding roads along the mist clad hills is something to be cherished for life. Vagamon is on the Kottayam Idukki boundary.

This is also gaining importance as an international paragliding destination.

Go trekking to the church atop the hill. Kurisumala Ashram established by Belgian Priests is worth a visit. Also you can the Pattumala Church, shrine dedicated to Mother Mary; this is a major pilgrim centre.

Visual Treats

  • Go on a trekking to the church atop the Kurisumala Hill.
  • One may take paragliding lessons here.
  • Try out your passion for mountaineering and trekking of the rock laden region of the hill.
  • Boating facility is available in most of the Lakes.
  • One can have a home stay at Vagamon
  • Visit the nearby places of interest as Kulamav, Thangalpara, Kurisumala, Thekkaday etc.
  • One may visit the first arch dam in Asia, the Idukki Dam site. Built connecting two rocky hills called the Kuravan Hill and Kurathi Hill is also a wild life sanctuary.


Kumarakom jutts into the Vembanad Lake as if it appears to be a peninsula. Lagoons, canals and waterways are geographically carved-out as the fresh water lake dents into the mainland. The ready availability of house boats, traditional country crafts, boats and canoes make it an exemplary location with unmatched avenues in water- tourism. To a lover of tastes, it is great news that tiger prawns, crabs, Karimeen or pearl spotted fish prawns are available everywhere. The Monsoon season imparts lush greenery to the place.
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